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Onteco™ is a digital environment established on Mars, but it is also an intersection of games, virtual reality, blockchain (clean NFT), science, and space exploration.

Team Funka:


Project Manager Brand Manager Art Director Graphic Designer Web Develper

4 months


Onteco™ approached FUNKA® with a concept for a digital entertainment and financial technology hub on Mars, but lacked a clear direction for their strategy, marketing, and branding. Our initial focus was on conducting research and analysis to better understand the video game/fintech/VR/Metaverse hub industry and its trends. Based on this research, we developed a brand strategy and platform that would differentiate the client from its competitors and resonate with its target audience. Our team also worked on creating a visual identity and tone of voice that captured the essence of the brand. Finally, we provided UI/UX design and a go-to-market plan to ensure the successful launch of the client's brand. Through our comprehensive approach, we were able to help the client establish a strong foundation for its brand and achieve its goals.


Research & Analysis Visual Rebrand

Web Design

Tone of voice UI / UX


The research and analysis for the branding of Onteco™ involved a comprehensive approach that included branding research, interviews, and market research. The aim was to gain insights into the target audience, understand their preferences and needs, and identify opportunities for differentiation. The analysis was focused on the digital entertainment and financial technology industry, exploring competitors and trends to inform the branding strategy. The research and analysis helped create a compelling brand visual identity, tone of voice, key messages, and claims that align with the brand's core values and personality. The final goal was to establish Onteco™ as a leading player in the industry by creating a brand that resonates with the target audience.


Brand Strategy

The creation of Onteco's brand platform was no easy task, as it required a perfect blend of their unique value proposition, differentiation in a highly saturated market, and the ability to captivate diverse buyer personas. Onteco's positioning is fluid, adapting to different territories where it aims to make its presence known. It offers a sense of hope for a better world through its platform, enabling the testing of solutions to existing problems on Earth. Additionally, Onteco provides a sublime gaming experience, thanks to its remarkable visual aesthetics supported by extensive expertise in space architecture and a solid scientific foundation.


Brand Identity

The work behind developing the brand identity and visuals was focused on creating a futuristic, minimalist, and grandiose design that reflected the idea of "Dive into the future, today". The visual brand features sleek lines, high contrasts, and modern typography with a focus on space exploration. The design is meant to evoke a sense of the vastness and wonder of space, with wideshot renders and spaces that showcase the potential of the future. Overall, the goal was to create a visual identity that captured the excitement and possibility of the future while also maintaining a sense of modernity and sophistication.


Web design

Onteco approached us with a request to create a website that reflects their futuristic, minimalist, and grandiloquent brand identity. They wanted to create an immersive digital experience for their clients that would communicate the unique and innovative nature of their product through a sleek design with high contrast and a modern look that embodies their vision of the future. Our team worked closely with Onteco™ to understand their brand values and goals, and translated those insights into a website design that reflected their vision. The resulting website captures the sleek and modern feel that Onteco™ was looking for, while still maintaining a sense of grandeur and hierarchy. The website is visually stunning and invites visitors to dive into the future of virtual exploration

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